Positive in thought, gentle in speech, humble in demeanour, committed to work, and an avid dreamer, Sudhir S. Raval is a veteran journalist and columnist from Gujarat. He firmly believes that journalism is a form of patriotism, acceptable as profession only so long as it does not compromise public interest.’
With nearly thirty years of experience as a political analyst and esteemed media professional, Sudhir has consistently championed courage and patriotism through his impartial approach to journalism. His adherence to ethical standards, independent perspectives, humanitarian outlook, and unwavering commitment to core values have distinguished him in a field dominated by large media houses.


Sudhir S. Raval has authored approximately 2,500 articles and columns across Gujarati, Hindi, and English media. His articles and news reports were published in Guajarati newspapers such as Navnirman, Dhabkar, Gujarat Samachar, Akila, Nav Gujarat Times, etc..; leading Guajarati weeklies such as Abhiyaan, World Network, Business Profile (Guajarati edition), Feelings (Guajarati edition), and many more..; English periodicals such as The Sunday Guardian, Business Profile (English edition), Asia Reporter, Feelings (English edition), etc.
His journalistic prowess is well known from his comprehensive coverage of sessions in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the Indian Parliament, New Delhi (1995 to 2001), as well as the State Assembly in Gujarat. Sudhir has reshaped his career by producing insightful columns, editorials, investigative reports, and exclusive stories that truly reflect the conscience of the media.
Throughout his illustrious career, he has conducted interviews with a variety of influential figures including political, religious, and social leaders, senior bureaucrats, and other notable personalities from various sectors nationwide.

Meeting with Indian Prime Ministers & Other leaders

Sudhir S. Raval’s deep interest and curiosity in parliamentary affairs have enabled him to engage directly with many dignitaries, sparking one-on-one dialogues that further fuelled his inspiration. His interactions have included meetings with esteemed political figures such as former Prime Ministers Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri Chandrashekhar, Shri V.P. Singh, Shri Deve Gowda, Shri I.K. Gujral and PM Shri Narendra Modi.
Throughout his extensive career in journalism, Sudhir has engaged in significant discussions on vital issues with notable individuals including Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri L. K. Advani, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, as well as numerous central ministers, central government officials and former Chief Ministers of Indian states, including Gujarat.
Beyond personal interactions, Sudhir has consistently demonstrated proactive engagement in field coverage, especially during times of crisis. Whether it was earth quack, communal riots, drought or flood conditions, he was always at the forefront, providing timely and accurate reports of the situations.

His inclination and curiosity towards parliamentary affairs has made him meet many dignitariesand initiate one to one dialogue. It inspired him to meet many stalwarts in political circles including former Prime Ministers like Shri P.V.Narsimha Rao, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr.Manmohan Singh, Shri Chandrashekhar, Shri V.P.Singh, Shri Deve Gowda and Shri I.K.Gujaral. During his long journey of journalism, he has exchanged views on important topics with veterans like Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri L. K. Advani, Smt. Susma Swaraj, many others in central government and Ex. Chief Ministers of Indian states including Gujarat.

part from personalities, he has always been pro-active in real time field coverage. He preferred to cover the natural calamities and situations of crises without any delay. He was among the first one to reach and cover the real time situations of the devastating earthquake of Kutchh and Ahmedabad districts in 2001, which had shaken the entire Gujarat state and the country. Be it a condition of drought or floods, he had conveyed the real facts and status of the situation. His un-bias, neutral, courageous and studied anchoring and participation in TV debates are well regarded in urban as well as rural areas of Gujarat.

Research & Reference

Investigative journalism, election coverage, surveys, and data analysis represent the core interests of Sudhir S. Raval. His research and fact-finding efforts are highly regarded, with his perspectives often treated as authoritative reports. One notable achievement is his contribution to the “Swarnim Gujarat Sansadiya Smrutika-2010,” an encyclopaedia of parliamentary history published by the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha, which stands as a prestigious accolade in his career
He has conducted in-depth surveys on a variety of issues including Lok Adalats, social concerns, and natural disasters such as water scarcity, earthquakes, and floods.
Sudhir consistently presents and publishes his findings across various media platforms. His commitment to ethical journalism is evident in his dedication to advancing human welfare, public awareness, and nation-building.

Contribution to the Government of Gujarat

Seeing Sudhir’s contributions to the field of journalism, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, appointed him to the Information Department in the state government.
From 2004 to 2010, he served for six years as Executive Editor of ‘Gujarat’ magazine under the direct guidance of the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the Gujarat government. During this period, he significantly contributed to various initiatives involving electronic media, print media, and digital media. Alongside other dedicated state employees, he engaged in diverse activities such as publishing, documentary production, policy formulation, strategic planning, promotional campaigns, workshops, image building for the Chief Minister, and efforts to disseminate the state government’s work to the public.
During this period, he also played a role in workshops aimed at training and motivating government employees. Sudhir has made sincere efforts to create an environment of positive journalism in Gujarat, fostering public-oriented journalism through workshops in various districts of the state.

Executive Editor of ‘Gujarat’ magazine
The ‘Gujarat’ magazine, experienced stagnant circulation at just 15,000 copies for 30 years. However, under Sudhir’s stewardship as the Executive Editor, the magazine’s fortunes dramatically transformed. Exhibiting exemplary leadership and fostering team spirit, Sudhir managed to significantly boost readers engagement. Remarkably, the magazine received over one lakh subscriptions in a single day in Surat alone, crossing all previous records in the history of Guajarati magazines.

A movement of Positive Journalism
Sudhir initiated a transformative movement known as ‘Positive Journalism’ during his tenure with the Government of Gujarat. As an Executive Editor, he committed to providing purely positive news and information, a stark contrast to the mainstream media’s focus on sensationalism. This approach resonated well with readers, who gradually shifted their preference away from sensationalized reporting in favor of more substantial and positive content. Sudhir noted that while mainstream media often prioritized ratings and entertainment over public needs, his focus remained steadfast on public welfare.

Workshop and Seminar
He extensively toured various districts, talukas and villages engaging in press seminars where he discussed the pivotal role of media in societal development.

Training to government officials
Sudhir provided training to government officials through SPIPA, a prestigious training institute managed by government of Gujarat, emphasizing the public’s preference for authentic information over sensational news. His commitment to positive journalism yielded significant and favourable outcomes, reinforcing the impact of media on community and national development.

Other Professional activities

Sudhir, along with his team of specially trained professionals, is dedicated to publishing surveys, news reports, books, souvenirs, and other print media publications. Noble Media and NAC Communication Network LLP, these two firms played a pivotal role in the publication of books and the production of TV serials and documentaries, distributing content to both urban and rural audiences.

Books and Souvenirs
Among his noteworthy literary contributions are titles such as ‘Love Gujarat’, ‘The Warrior’ in English, ‘JanYoddha’ in Hindi, ‘Swarnim Gujarat Sansadiya Smrutika – 2010’ and ‘Swarnim Gujarat ni Swarnim Safar’ and Gujarat na Jalmandiro’ in Gujarati.

A Book on Gujarat Model of Governance
Sudhir’s book ‘Swarnim Gujarat Ni Swarnim Safar’ is a meticulously researched publication on Narendra Modi’s governance model in Gujarat. It stands as a comprehensive resource that promises to serve researchers and scholars for an extended period.

‘Goshthi’ in E TV
In Gujarati, ‘Goshthi’ translates to ‘Conversation.’ True to its name, the TV talk show ‘Goshthi’ facilitated meaningful dialogues with a diverse array of guests including stalwarts, celebrities, religious leaders, and distinctive common people. Launched by Sudhir and aired on the multilingual channel E-TV Gujarati during 2011-2012, he not only produced and directed the show but also served as its anchor. ‘Goshthi’ aimed to enrich viewers by spreading knowledge, emotional and inspiring success stories, along with cultural entertainment. The program succeeded in providing authentic information and was celebrated for its unique format, fostering a profound exchange of thoughts, feelings, and words, which distinguished it within Gujarati TV media.

VTV – Noble Media Survey
Sudhir is deeply passionate about interacting directly with the public, conducting authentic election surveys, and engaging in fact-finding activities. His highly accurate survey for the 2014 Gujarat Lok Sabha general election, which was broadcast on VTV, received widespread acclaim. He has consistently presented and published his findings across various media outlets. Sudhir engaged over 140 young men and women to conduct surveys across all 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in Gujarat, collecting more than 11,000 survey samples. The results were broadcast on VTV, according to which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured victory in all 26 seats for the first time.

      Channel Head of VTV News

      Sudhir has rendered commendable service as the Channel Head of Gujarat’s esteemed VTV channel. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in elevating grassroots issues to the state government’s attention and was instrumental in disseminating information about the government’s welfare schemes to the public through the platform of VTV.

      Channel Head – India News Gujarat

      Sudhir has fulfilled his role as the Channel Head for another prominent TV channel in Gujarat, India News Gujarat. Committed to public-interest journalism, he has endeavoured to create a new branch of diverse programming on various topics, thereby setting a benchmark for innovative broadcasting.

      As the Channel Head of India News Gujarat, he organized significant events in the presence of the state’s Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Ahmedabad, and in Daman—a Union Territory—attended by Administrator Praful Patel. These events witnessed invitations extended to dignitaries from various social strata, entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior government officials. Panel discussions, which focused on socially relevant issues, were deliberated upon, and the entire events were broadcast live

      Consulting Editor – ITV network
      Considering Sudhir’s track record in journalism, especially within Gujarat, the prestigious Indian media conglomerate, ITV Network, has appointed him as a Consulting Editor. Sudhir contributes to ITV Network’s television channels and publications.

      Encouraging failures
      Sudhir is daring and does not shy away from experimenting. He has also faced failures in his endeavours, which he has accepted wholeheartedly. Not only that, but he has learned from these experiences and has always moved forward with even greater enthusiasm.

      ‘AARPAR’ Gujarati weekly
      Sudhir’s venture, “Aarpar,” a Gujarati weekly magazine, was swiftly embraced by the readers due to his reputable image, commitment to ethical journalism, and a pro-people stance. However he couldn’t continue his mission with regard to ethical differences with colleague.

      www.nobleIndian.com – action for transformation
      When Sudhir contemplates the nation’s future, he recognizes an essential need to foster positivity throughout society. Motivated by this vision, he aspires to connect with Indians everywhere, regardless of their location. To achieve this, he created the www.nobleIndian.com web portal in 2008. This platform was unique in its scope, offering a variety of innovative concepts and ideas designed to contribute to nation-building. The noble Indian web portal not only aimed to instil a sense of positivity but also played a crucial role in showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian culture to the global stage. He also endeavoured to establish a huge network of citizen journalist throughout the state. However he couldn’t achieve his goal to continue its functioning due to shortage of required funds.

      www.janmanindia.com – A news portal for the people, by the people and of the people
      Sudhir understands that People are supreme in the democracy. He founded an online news portal ‘Jan Man India’, with an innovative concept that was FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE. It inspired people to raise their voices and appealled to contribute their efforts to make Jan Man India a free and fair platform for better India. However he coundn’t continue it due to the same problem of shortage of required funds.

      ‘Off The Record’ on VTV

      The term ‘Off-the-Record’ typically implies confidentiality and discretion, representing a journalistic commitment to protect source identities and maintain the trust placed in them. However, Sudhir’s interpretation takes a unique turn with his program ‘Off The Record’ on VTV. Unlike the traditional use of the term, Sudhir’s discussions are fully transparent, captured ‘on camera’ and broadcast to the public. He has conducted candid, on-air interviews with more than 100 influential figures from diverse sectors including politics, bureaucracy, industry, literature, technology, community service, healthcare, economics, films, media, religion, and education. This ground-breaking approach has set a new standard in Gujarati electronic media, making ‘Off The Record’ a pioneering show in its field.

      even in government functioning, for cultivating leadership attitude and team spirit within the circle, which resulted in amazing public participation to the extent that magazine received more than one lac subscriptions in a single day in Surat. The then C.M. of Gujarat publicly praised him with pride because a government magazine ‘Gujarat’ had become No. 1 magazine having highest circulation among any in Gujarat.

      Hence, the utmost responsibility which was given by the then Chief Minister with full confidence in his ability was justified by him by his tireless dedicated work, ability to express the truth, patriotism, courage and positive journalism. It helped the magazine achieve an exuberant number of 2,30,000 circulations across cities, towns, and villages of Gujarat and also lay strong foundation which exists till date. Today it is most circulated magazine in Gujarat having circulation of more than 3 lakhs. This has never happened in the history of Gujarati media.

      Social Service

      Noble Trust – Where nobility is an identity
      Sudhir envisions the Noble Trust as a comprehensive umbrella organization with the objective of spreading nobility across the state and the nation, dedicated to serving the underprivileged, including the destitute, illiterate, and disabled. The trust is committed to empowering youth and women, specifically aiming to inspire a resurgence of national spirit among the Indian populace.

      Ekta n Angels –Where there is a will, there is a way
      Ekta, the late younger daughter of Neeti and Sudhir Raval, was a remarkable individual with different abilities. She was truly an angelic presence, touching the lives of many across India. Ekta founded ‘Ekta n Angels,’ an organization dedicated to assisting the poor and differently abled, serving as its inaugural president. Sadly, she passed away on March 5, 2011, after contributing twenty invaluable years and many life lessons. To continue her legacy, Neeti, now the Chairman of ‘Ekta n Angels,’ along with Sudhir, are committed to advancing the mission and vision that Ekta set forth.

      Vishwa Gujarati Samaj – an international organisation of Gujarati community
      Sudhir has rendered his social services as General Secretary to Vishwa Gujarati Samaj, an umbrella organisation of World Gujarati Community. Vishwa Gujarati Samaj is a non-political and non-governmental organisation. It is an international organisation of Gujarati community settled in more than 100 countries in the world. Sudhir is one of the trustee of the organisation.

      Proud moments of his Journey

      Distinguished in his foresight, he is recognized as the only journalist in India who, in March 1998, accurately predicted that if the Congress party come to power, Smt. Sonia Gandhi would appoint Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister—a prophecy that materialized following the 2004 general elections.
      He conducted a 17-minute exclusive meeting with former Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao to discuss his ‘VICHAAR-BANK’ initiative and seek guidance on parliamentary matters.
      He was among the first journalists to arrive at the scenes of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the Kutchh and Ahmedabad districts in 2001, which profoundly impacted Gujarat and the broader country.
      Sudhir’s analysis of the Sachar Committee Report, commissioned by the Government of India to assess the condition of the Muslim community—especially in Gujarat—sparked extensive national debate.
      He has also travelled extensively across the country conducting election surveys. His pinpoint accurate prediction of the 2014 Gujarat Lok Sabha general election results garnered widespread acclaim.
      Sudhir’s successful editorship led to public accolades from the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi, celebrating the magazine’s ascent to the highest-circulated magazine in Gujarat. Under his guidance, ‘Gujarat’ magazine reached an unprecedented circulation of 350,000 copies, spreading across cities, towns, and villages, and continues to be the most widely circulated magazine in the state. This achievement marked a historic milestone in the annals of Gujarati media.
      Sudhir interviewed many top leaders including Dr. Manmohan Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Narendra Modi, P. Chidambaram, Sam Pitroda, Arun Gandhi & Tushar Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, T. N. Seshan, Shankaracharya Nishchalanand Saraswati, Baba Ramdev, Bhaiyuji Maharaj, Rajdeep Sardesai and many more..
      The interviews conducted by Sudhir have proven to be very important. In one such interview, senior advocate of Gujarat, Yatin Oza, had to apologize in the Supreme Court. The literal script of that interview was presented in the Supreme Court. The interview was remarkable for its dialogue, in which Yatin Oza, in a heated moment, made serious allegations against two judges of the Gujarat High Court on camera. Later, he apologized for these remarks in the Supreme Court.

      Eloquent & apt

      Sudhir is highly active and articulate in his engagements, often participating in and delivering speeches at seminars, group discussions, and conferences focused on nation-building. He is involved in meetings, debates, and impromptu discussions covering a range of topics, including journalism, justice, philanthropy, social ideology, and ethics. Furthermore, Sudhir dedicates his efforts to reforming the code of conduct across the four pillars of democracy, an endeavour he humbly describes as a ‘drop in the ocean’. He possesses a natural ability to discern the right path and effectively incorporates this insight into his media endeavours.
      Sudhir’s unique thought process and his commitment to philanthropy are central to his vision for developing Indian society. He firmly believes that journalism should primarily serve humanity, rather than being merely a profit-driven industry. He values time highly, managing his schedule with great precision. As an organized individual, he emphasizes the importance of time management and the efficiency of timely delivery, thereby planning, categorizing, and prioritizing his work accordingly.

      Bonding with family

      Sudhir embodies the perfect blend of philanthropic ideology, a trait inherited from his mother, the late Smt. Sharadaben, and a commitment to honesty and truth, instilled by his father, the late Shri Shantilal Mohanlal Raval. Born on May 26, 1959, in Morbi, Rajkot district of Gujarat, married to Neeti, daughter of Smt. Jashumatiben and Shri Pravinchandra Pathak, in July 1986. Neeti has completed her Masters in field of Arts. Their daughter Abhi has completed her Ph.D in Media and Communication and married to Daksh Trivedi. Although their late daughter Ekta is no longer physically present, her spirit continues to inspire Sudhir’s humanitarian efforts. Their son Manav exemplifies the adage ‘like father, like son,’ being active, observant, and affectionate has completed his education from Ahmedabad University specialising in field of marketing.
      Sudhir, a science graduate, initially worked in Vijaya Bank as clerk during 1982 to 1986 and ventured into business early in his career. However, his profound love for his country led him to leave these positions and dedicate himself to reformist causes. In his leisure time, Sudhir enjoys music and playing chess, which are his ways of relishing quality time.


      Unofficial, informal, in confidence, not intended to be known publicly, not meant to be recorded. These are some of the most common meanings of the term ‘Off-the-Record’ and it is widely respected by journalists, as a serious breach of code of ethics to divulge the identity of their source or to betray the trust of that source, by using the information inappropriately. In short, what transpires between the source and the journalist, is supposed to be ‘in camera’…

      But for Sudhir, the definition is On-the-Record. Because, he had the privilege of having a têtê-à-têtê with more than seventy personalities, which were ‘on camera’ and were aired on VTV. These personalities are from diverse fields like, politics, bureaucracy, industry, literature, technology, community service, healthcare, economics, films, media, religion, education and so on. This certainly is a first of it’s kind milestone amongst Gujarati electronic media !


      While Sudhir has been honoured by various institutions on different occasions, he was particularly recognized for his distinguished contributions to the field of journalism at a national level. In 2017, the Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha honoured him with the title of ‘National Brahmin Shiromani’ at the Constitution Club in New Delhi.
      Similarly, in 2008, Sudhir was honoured with the ‘Pride of Gujarat’ award by the prestigious Gujarati magazine Feelings, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of journalism.

      Dream and Desire

      After three decades of journalism, Sudhir has formulated a roadmap for the next five years. Following an assessment of his studies, experiences, and observations, he has planned to author ten books. Work on the outlines of these proposed books has already commenced. The proposed titles of these books are:

      • WHY DON’T WE DO IT ?


      His positive mindset and simple yet optimistic approach have brought him fame and respect. Living by the mantra ‘Work is Worship,’ Sudhir integrates this philosophy into all aspects of his life, both personal and professional. He is driven by a desire to offer invaluable services to the nation through media and various social activities, aiming for spiritual upliftment as his ultimate goal.

      For more information visit: www.sudhirsraval.com
      Email: [email protected]