‘Journalism is an expression of patriotism, As a profession, it is acceptable only if it is not at the cost of public interest.’

– Sudhir S. Raval

Man with Morals


Intellectual vitality is the backbone for building up an advanced nation. A person with intellectual vitality is God’s gift to the society. Sudhir S. Raval, a staunch disciple of Swami Vivekananda, is a person with such vitality, who represents the brilliance of mental faculties of thinking, remembering, speaking, expressing, reasoning and acquiring knowledge. He firmly believes that human mind is gifted with infinite capacities. Sudhir is expressing all these faculties in his behavior and actions through the right use and deeper thinking. He is unique in thought process and talks impeccably about his noble and philanthropic views to develop Indian Society.


Communication is his inherent ability. He seems natural and talks to the point. During communication he uses certain high-impact ingredients to drive his message properly and effectively. While communicating he is focused to objective, uses minimum and effective words, keeping human psychology in mind and remain vigilant for timing. His courage sharpens his attitude, mode of thinking and encourage him for initiative. His successful and marvelous track record of effective and impressive communication skill has regarded him as perfect communicator. His insistence for ethics in media has genuinely established his credentials among the masses.


Sudhir has the capability to cure the most difficult problem, because of his psychological and moral courage. His moral courage steers his actions in line with the ideals he holds and overrules the conventional approach if they are contradictory to the traditional values. His virtues like hard work, endurance, patience, commitment, bearing difficulties calmly and trying a thing again and again despite failures bring the desired results for positive reforms. While struggling he never look back but proceeds forward with infinite energy, enthusiasm, daring and infinite patience. His mantra of Perseverance has transformed him to a shining pearl in the Ocean.