Noble Library – Pathway from Passion to Peace

Noble Library – Pathway from Passion to Peace

Books are wonderful gifts to mankind. They are useful in many ways. The kingdom of books is as vast as universe. . Noble library is one of his invaluable assets to his treasure.

In his library, there are books on Literature, Science, History, Art, Culture, Civilization, Architecture, Health, Sociology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, Politics, Motivation and many more subjects. Among all these, Some books are for serious reading, some are intended to enrich our knowledge and learning. Many books give us an insight into various aspect of life.  But we should be very cautious in the choice of books. Books, which are not good, may mislead the readers. They can spoil us.

He says, ‘books help to widen our interest. They broaden our outlook. They enrich our thoughts. They help us in understanding different aspects of life. They give us inspiration to do great things in life. They encourage us to fight the odds of life bravely. They fill our minds with noble thoughts. They awaken our souls. They mould our characters.

Sudhir is voracious reader and he gets lot of energy, inspiration and knowledge from all these books time to time.

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