Our constitution has given serious responsibility to media by giving status as important pillar of democracy. Like governance, the same constitution has anticipated the noble code of conduct from media also, during the infinite journey of public welfare.

Throughout professional carrier in media, One has to be always vigilant while giving courageous, neutral and pure news, views or any kind of information to people that;

(1) The element of truth do not get effected or misinterpreted in anyway.

(2) The Public interest do not get harmed.

(3) Priority wise, the concern and significance both should be    maintained in the chronology of nation first and than the state, the society and the citizen.

(4) While performing duties during the struggle for fighting against adversities, media professional has to be constantly active to achieve the goal without any deviation on account of greed, fear or any kind of attachment.

(5) The media professional has not to forget that his prime goal is services to the nation and people’s welfare.

(6) The people have the sole right to point out to media professionals to their mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. The alertness and awareness of people will help the media to achieve their real goal.People’s co-operation to media will lead to the Peace, Prosperity and progress of the nation.

(7) Journalism is an expression of patriotism. As a profession, it is acceptable only if it is not at the cost of public interest.


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